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Guest Margie Kay 
Would u like to be regressed would you like to learn the truth
This is Dennis Rano's work
Dreams and the Experiencer Project
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Live streaming video by Ustream
Margie Kay 
is a paranormal and UFO investigator, author, and national speaker. Margie is the Director of QUEST Investigation Group, Editor/publisher of Un-X News Magazine, host of Un-X News Radio show, and Vice President of KGRA radio network. Her "day" job- is owner/president of a forensic investigation company in Kansas City, Missouri. 
Kay is an internally acclaimed remote viewer, with incredible sixth sense abilities.  Her findings never fail to amaze audiences as she does live readings on stage with people she has never met before.  She has assisted many investigators, including UFO researcher Art Campbell (see the story here) and others.
  Margie has helped to solve over 44 missing person and homicide cases for law enforcement.  She does private consultations for law enforcement, private investigators, and individuals who need assistance locating missing persons or to solve homicide case at no charge.  If you have a real emergency, i.e. a missing person call her immediately at 816-833-1602 M-F 9 - 5 CST and she will try to help.
  Margie Kay hosted QUEST Radio Show on KCXL in Kansas City for five years. She often appears on radio talk shows and TV shows nationwide and has been interviewed on Eye Witness Radio, Truth Theorum Radio, Joe Montaldo, Linda Moulton Howe, and many others. Kay's interviews on UFO investigations have appeared on CNN,, Fox News, KCTV 5. and more.
Kay's books include Haunted Independence, Gateway to the Dead: a Ghost Hunter's Field Guide, and two upcoming books UFO Hot Spots in Missouri, and Mystic to be published in 2013.  She is currently working on several documentary films and books.
Come join Joe tonight live from 7 to 9 pm cst call in live with your comments are questions at 504 273 7379 are check out the web site at