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Bill's extensive abduction experiences have left him with some memory issues that affect and have affected his life from early on - which is one of the reasons we do interviews as a team, or sometimes  I will do them myself, if I'm being interviewed about what the work I've been doing. Bill also had some little additional details come back during the show, and that has also been happening since I began working with him, during the writing of his story back in 2012.

As an addendum; you may or may not know that in 2013, a major TV company in the UK (Channel 4) did a documentary on   AMMACH - which was only 2 years old by the time the show aired. As might be expected the show, 'Confessions of an Alien Abductee,' (originally  pitched  by a company whose representatives were in integrity...changed with their first big distribution/partner deal,  Channel 4), which is when integrity went out the window. It was the usual horrible nonsense,  that made the Experiencers look less than credible, not helped I might say by my then colleague-Miles Johnston, (since kicked off the project) , who I found out had been sabotaging my work unbeknownst to me within a year of  starting AMMACH. He continues to do whatever he can from afar to this day by way of disrupting defaming et all. I am sorry to say, many people in the so-called UFO fraternity then set about attacking me personally, defaming, slandering and otherwise spreading malicious, fictitious, and downright weird material about me, and one of these was Sacha Christie, who had been very friendly.  I only mention this as you brought up her name, and to save any potential embarrassment in future times. as she along with one or two others appeared to have become unstable mentally...behaving with extreme vitriol, and with an irrationality that defied belief. 

So,  with that firmly in the past, and out of the way, I am relieved to finally have  Bill's story  out there in the world. It seemed a herculean task at times, and there is plenty that is not in and that has been cut for the sake of clarity and brevity, at 240 pages.

Bill Brooks & Joann from Ammch
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Bill Brooks & Joann from Ammch
44: Based on an Ex-Soldier's True Story of Life-Long Encounters Involving Alien Abduction, Men in Black