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Peter James Haviland Acch guest May 4th
Would u like to be regressed would you like to learn the truth
This is Dennis Rano's work
Dreams and the Experiencer Project
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Live streaming video by Ustream
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Peter James Haviland Acch guest April 20th
I am a hynotherapist that holds a Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy certification from the PATH Foundation. I am available for stress relief;Study Enhancement;Smoking Cessation;Weight Loss;Addictions, PTSD;and any number of topics. I also do forensic hypnosis for police cases as well for families needing new leads on cold cases, and have worked on a few police cases to develop leads on cold cases as well. I also do parapsychology research and casework and work with a team of investigators that track and bring missing children home across the US.

Just uploaded 3 Subliminal MP3s to my office site. Stress Release,Anxiety and Depression Assistance....feel free to use these and book in to see me for further assistance at 281-704-9162.By appointment only.

My Team, of which I am a founding member,President/Lead Investigator is Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations. One of Texas' Oldest Investigation Teams since 1996 with a web presence of 1997. I am truly proud to work with these folks. They are the best people I have been around and are truly talented.

I had been in the field prior to the formation of LSSPI so I have now been in field research for over 25 years. I speak for colleges,conventions,high schools and many business functions on our work.

Lone Star has appeared in over 12 books,in support for such authors as Jeff Bellanger, Lisa Farwell and Ollyve Abbott, many magazines,such as Fate and Texas Highways, and 5 TV pilots, 2 Travel Channel Appearances; Ghost Stories and Jim Rose'Twisted Tour, Many Radio Radio appearances such as; Coast to Coast, X Zone, Founding Member of PRO,Office of Paranormal Investigations for Loyd Auerbach, and has consulted on many cases across the United States, as well as TV projects; MTV's Fear and with Peter James as a researcher for a year and a half for example, and Movies;Her Cry. I am also a contributing author to Talking with the Dead by Whitechapel Press and wrote several pieces in a few books for other authors. We have been around a while and always are willing to help. Feel free to contact me if you need us...
Bill Brooks guest  April 27th
Bill Brooks
The memories returning in a ‘download’ event at 44 years of age, relating to alien encounters, left an indelible imprint. One memory, which has become known as the ‘Abingdon incident,’ stands out in particular. This memory anchored firmly in my mind from the outset, and the rest of the memories that poured through me during that event seemed to gradually embed themselves in my waking consciousness over the next twenty years. As the shock settled, my mind defragged the information into bite-sized pieces, allowing me to just about retain my sanity in the process, and moved them slowly from my internal temporary file cache to my hard drive.
I had truly expected to be dead by now, following a series of heart attacks and strokes that occurred during one week in 2012, when I thought it was all over. Because of that, I made one last attempt to find someone who would listen to my story before time ran out for me. This book is the result of that contact. I was just thinking how surprised I was to still be alive, as I complete the work, when, out of the blue, I died! In early October 2014, I collapsed and died after a massive heart attack, and am only alive due to the fantastic efforts of a part-time paramedic, an expert in resuscitation, who for the first time ever had the defibrillator kit in his car.
The need to share my experiences was pressing, to transfer them somehow from my mind to the outside world. To any would-be critics, all I can say is that I cannot better answer any questions you have, because I have asked myself every question possible. I find I have no answers and I am my own toughest critic. Since that life-changing moment over 20 years ago, I knew that everything was going to be different. The genie was well and truly out of this bottle!
If after the download event I’d never been abducted again, I’d have put the whole experience down to some kind of mental breakdown, perhaps caused by my marriage breakup at the time. But what I couldn’t have known was that these events were in fact the cause of incidents and behaviours that triggered my marriage breakdown. However, as these abductions continued for years after the download event—and supported by research I’ve done into my own past—I know that what I have experienced, without any shadow of a doubt, is true. I know it’s going be a stretch, but you dear reader, must make of it what you will.
For those of you who presume I’ve told my story in search of fame or fortune, you’d be wrong. If I’d wanted that, I’d have made some serious effort to learn the guitar, for which I have some aptitude. But I didn’t, I only did what I needed to in order to make a good living. Now, with the book finished, I’ll return to my reclusive life until it’s my time to leave this planet. I feel what I’ve shared is important for humanity to understand. This is a ‘red pill’ moment. You are now about to go down the rabbit hole and into a world that many will never accept exists.
The odds of us being the only life in our galaxy must be billions to one, so I can well imagine my hero, Spike Milligan, looking out of the window at the stars, when he wrote this: ‘There are holes in the sky where the rain comes in, the holes are small, and that’s why rain’s so thin.’ It was written in one of the mental institutions he used to frequent, probably to get away from the insane people sending us to war. My own take on war, even after being a soldier, is that fools (and I was one), are being sent into battle by the insane, while those at the top make a killing from the weapons the insane give to the fools.
… ‘As I went up into the ship, I was immersed in an orange light, reminiscent of a large fire from the colours, but without heat.’ If I was religious, I would have believed it was to do with god or the devil. But I’m an atheist, so it must be down to something else…
Please note: Names and locations have been changed to protect the guilty as well as some of the innocent! I would like to state that what I have written in the section on my army days is scant, because I have felt the need to censor my own story, as much as anything for my own protection. This story is based absolutely on the truth of what I have experienced, and I am grateful it has now been told. I do understand that many will find the account too incredible, too much for one person to have been through in one lifetime, and altogether too much of a challenge to your own reality structures. But it has been my life, or more accurately, some of it, and I hope you will reserve judgement. Leave what you cannot accept, but do your own research, and then see how you feel about this narrative.
This is not a book detailing a lifetime of abductions; it is a book about abductions that happened to me during my lifetime. It is my gift to you, and my legacy.